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Major Technology Categories

Computer Science & Software

Includes all computer science & software, bioinformatics and software technologies.

Creative Works

Includes all creative works and education & training technologies.


Includes all dentistry technologies.


Includes all diagnostics, biomarkers, genetics, PCR & sequencing and reproductive medicine technologies.

Energy & Environment

Includes all energy and environment technologies.

Engineering & Manufacturing

Includes all engineering & manufacturing, electrical engineering, eechanical engineering, microfluidics, microscopy and nanotechnology.

View All Technologies

Includes a search feature to view all of our technologies by category.

Medical Devices

Includes all medical devices, cardiology, neurology, orthopedics, radiology & imaging and surgery & critical care technologies.

Physical Sciences

Includes all physical sciences, agriculture, chemicals, chemistry & chemical Engineering, materials & mining and physics technologies.

Research Tools

Includeds all research tools, antibodies, proteins & peptides, DNA/RNA/expression systems and stem cells technologies.

Tangible Property

Includes all tangible property and animal models and cell lines technologies.

Therapeutics, Pharmaceuticals, & Drug Delivery

Includes all therapeutics, pharmaceuticals, & drug delivery; immunology, infectious disease & virology, oncology, opthamology, polymers and RNAi /siRNA & gene therapy technologies.

Technologies Available for Immediate Purchase

Purchase University of Utah technologies via a simple click-thru license agreement

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