Two-zone flow-through PCR via thin films

  • University Reference Number: U-6326


  • The technology is a multi-layer microfluidic card with a simple and portable thermal cycler for quickly performing polymerase chain reactions (PCR).
  • The microfluidic card has a novel design that allows fluids to flow without the use of pins and bladders.


  • Robust heat transfer properties enable faster cycle times and precision temperature control.


  • There are two main markets; the DNA & DNA forensic laboratories market and the Research and Clinical market. Forensics had revenues of $4.2bn in 2016 and is expected to have a CAGR of 12% through 2021.  Research and Clinical Applications had 2015 revenues of over $4.8 bn in the top 5 segments each with a CAGR of more than 4%.
  • The Research and Clinical industry is the primary target market and can utilize the technology for point-of-care diagnoses.
  • Major Applications: Clinical (drug safety studies and clinical trials), infectious disease diagnosis, genetic testing, cancer therapy determination, and tissue typing


Development Status

  • This technology is currently a benchtop prototype with active development and testing being performed.

Intellectual Property

  • Patents Pending


  • James Trauba, Research Engineer at Wittwer Lab for DNA Analysis


  • Beth Drees
  • 801-585-5016 

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