A.S.K. M.E. Initiative

  • University Reference Number: U-6338


  • The A.S.K. M.E. initiative encourages hospital staff to commit to educating other employees and students in an open and kind manner. It consists of a pledge made by staff members who then use stickers on their badges or office doors to identify themselves as participants
  • Students and new employees in health care often feel uncomfortable and intimidated asking questions to other staff, leading to poorly informed decision-making & lower quality of care.


  • Improves quality of care and reduces errors in hospitals by encouraging healthcare professionals and students to ask questions.
  • Provides an inexpensive, non-threatening solution for any unit where intimidation, workplace bullying, or high stakes decision-making exist.


  • The target market is teaching hospitals as this method focuses primarily on student and resident education. However, the program could be easily extended to senior hospital administration.
  • As an annual training workshop for students, residents, and staff at the 1,200 teaching hospitals in the United States, this program could see revenues greater than $1 million. However, the program is intended to reduce clinical errors thereby saving the implementing institution operational expenses.


Development Status

  • ASK ME has been developed and shared amongst 15 units in the University of Utah Hospital, Huntsman Cancer Hospital and Redwood Clinic. Data is currently being collected to measure the impact of the program.
  • The program recently received funding from the Imagine Perfect Care Program (https://healthcare.utah.edu/imagine-perfect-care/)

Intellectual Property

  • The training material is available for licensing.


  • Ruth Braga, MSN, RN.


  • David Hadley
  • Technology Manager
  • 801-587-0519
  • David.hadley@tvc.utah.edu

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