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U of U Commercialization Successes

Since 1970, the University of Utah has created over 230 spin-out companies from technologies developed at the University, most of which were launched over the past ten years. Over 130 of these are still operating as either a business or as part of another company. Following are some of our most successful:


Anesta was a U startup company that developed a successful product called Actiq, a breakthrough treatment for cancer pain based on the company's patented oral transmucosal system. The product is derived from the research of Dr. Theodore Stanley, professor of anesthesiology at the U. Cephalon bought Anesta in 2000 in an all-share deal worth $444 million. Cephalon was later purchased by Teva Pharmaceuticals in 2011. Teva is a global pharmaceutical company committed to increasing access to high-quality healthcare by developing, producing and marketing affordable generic drugs. Headquartered in Israel, Teva has a global product portfolio of more than 1,300 molecules and a direct presence in about 60 countries. Learn more at www.actiq.com or www.tevapharm.com.

Myriad Genetics

Myriad was formed in 1991 as one of the first genomic companies with the vision of elucidating the role genes play in human disease and using this critical information to improve patient healthcare by developing novel molecular diagnostic products. It was founded by Mark Skolnick (Professor Emeritus, Department of Medical Informatics at the U), Walter Gilbert (1980 Nobel Laureate in chemistry and Professor in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology at Harvard University), Peter Meldrum (past President and CEO of Agridyne and current CEO and President of Myriad Genetics, Inc), Kevin Kimberlin of Spencer Trask & Company, and Dennis Farrar (entrepreneur). Its predictive medicine products are designed to assess an individual’s risk for developing disease, so action can be taken to prevent or delay the onset of disease. Its personalized medicine products identify a patient’s likelihood of responding to a particular therapy to ensure optimal treatment decisions. Finally, its prognostic medicine products assess a patient’s risk of disease progression and recurrence, so that a physician knows how aggressively to treat the patient’s disease. Read more


BioFire Diagnostics, Inc. started in 1990 as Idaho Technology, Inc., in the corner of an Idaho potato equipment facility based on technology developed by Carl Wittwer, professor of pathology at the U. In 2012, the company changed its name to BioFire Diagnostics. Focusing on developing products with a firm commitment to eliminate disease through smart thinking and product innovation, it has introduced a number of "firsts" to the molecular diagnostics and biosurveillance industries. With FDA clearance of the revolutionary FilmArray system, BioFire has set a new standard in molecular diagnostics. Featuring unmatched usability, the FilmArray's comprehensive respiratory panel tests for 20 viral and bacterial targets in one, 60-minute test. In the fall of 2013 BioFire was acquired by French multinational biotechnology company BioMérieux for $450 million. Learn more at www.biofiredx.com.


Pharmanex was a U spin-out purchased by NuSkin. NuSkin has since expanded the products under the Pharmanex name. The technology Pharmanex was founded on was developed by Werner Gellerman, professor emertius of physics at the U. This technology involved a method for detecting and mapping certain chemical substances in the skin. Learn more at www.nuskin.com.

Sentrx Surgical

Sentrx Surgical, Inc. was launched in 2004 by Dr. Glenn Prestwich, presidential professor of medicinal chemistry, with physicians Dr. Richard Orlandi, Dr. Albert Park, and entrepreneur Dr. Richard Koehn to develop commercial products based on biocompatible hyaluronic acid (HA) hydrogels that mimic the extracellular matrix (ECM). In 2005, major VC investments in human medical device field of use resulted in the subsequent emergence of three separate companies: Carbylan Biosurgery, Glycosan Biosystems, and Sentrx Animal Care.

tvcCarbylan Biosurgery, Inc. was formed in December 2005 with two major VC investors in a Series A round, and licensed Sentrx Surgical's human medical device and drug delivery uses of the synthetic ECM technology. Originally targeting rhinoscopic surgery uses, the focus changed after Series B investment to injectables for osteoarthritis. Currently planning a US human clinical trial with technology inspired by the UU’s sECM hydrogels, the re-named Carbylan Therapeutics, Inc. filed in 12/29/14 for an IPO in 2015.

Echelon Biosciences

Since 1997, Echelon Biosciences Inc., has been a recognized leader in the development of novel assays and reagents used in the study of advanced lipidomics for the study of cancer, immunology and other disease states. Echelon provides scientists worldwide with the molecular tools for their discoveries, particularly in cell signalling pathways in areas related to the cure of human diseases.

Echelon was founded by Professors Glenn D. Prestwich and C. Dale Poulter based on technologies from their laboratories, was purchased by Aeterna-Zentaris in 2005 and is now owned by Frontier Scientific, Inc., Logan, UT. Today Echelon continues to expand its scientific offerings and technologies, expanding into peptide synthesis while its Frontier Scientific subsidiaries provide scientific and compound management services, compound collections for industrial and pharmaceutical discovery, and more recently in the fields of agricultural chemistry and biology. Learn more at www.echelon-inc.com.

Applied Medical Visualizations

Applied Medical Visualizations LLC (Medvis) specializes in the visualization of medical information. The company's products have been demonstrated to improve the comprehension of complex medi- cal data. Its founders have developed and tested state-of-the-art solutions for education, informa- tion presentation, patient monitoring and information management. The company incorporates a user-centered design approach that simplifies user interaction with intuitive presentation and visualization of information. The company's products allow its customers to better manage patient care and ensure patient safety while minimizing cost. Learn more at www.medvis.com/.

Glycosan Biosystems, Inc. was launched in 2006 by Drs. Glenn Prestwich and William P. Tew U, and rapidly became a leader in research uses for 3-D cell culture and animal models for cell therapy through its sECM product line, HyStem®. In 2011, Glycosan was acquired by BioTime, Inc., and Glycosan’s products, are still sold by BioTime, to support the growth and directed differentiation of stem cells for tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, and for research applications. In addition, BioTime has developed and manufactured a clinical grade hydrogel, Renevia®, that has completed a Phase I human safety trial in the EU for cell therapy. The Phase II pivotal efficacy trial for lipoatrophy is currently planned for Q2 2015. Topical wound healing agent Premvia® is now 510(k) authorized for sale, and tendon adhesion prevention product ReGlyde® is in clinical trials. Learn more at www.esibio.com.

Zars Pharma

Zars was a U spin-out pharmaceutical company acquired by Nuvo Research in 2011. ZARS developed two products in the area of pain management based on the research of Dr. Jie Zhang, assistant professor of anesthesiology at the U: Synera and Pliaglis. Synera is a patch used to reduce pain associated with needle sticks. Pliaglis is a topical local anesthetic cream that provides safe and effective local dermal anesthesia on intact skin prior to painful cosmetic procedures such as dermatologic laser surgery and dermal filler injections. Learn more at www.nuvoresearch.com.

LiveWire Innovation

LiveWire was founded in 2003 by a team led by Dr. Cynthia Furse who were committed to discovering an advanced and easy-to-use method for identifying the location of faults in electrical wiring systems. The LiveWire technology, spread spectrum time domain reflectometry (SSTDR), can directly detect and locate static and intermittent wiring problems while the wires are energized or live. LiveWire focused its efforts initially in military and aerospace applications, but subsequently expanded its applications to transportation, utility and semiconductor testing including the detection and reporting of electric cable theft, a worldwide problem. The pallet of applications continues to grow as the world becomes "more electric" and LiveWire's technology will be critical to the forthcoming "internet of things" and ultimately provide for the advance notification of electric component failures. Learn more at www.livewiretest.com.

Central Logic

Central Logic was founded on technology developed by Darin M. Vercillo, MD, a former clinical advisor and technical developer at the U's School of Medicine. Central Logic provides automated hospital transfer center solutions and on-call scheduling software. Their transfer center software, Central Logic ForeFront™, focuses on reducing hospital wait times and increasing provider and patient satisfaction. Central Logic Core™ is their bed management software system that helps multiple hospitals act in concert as a single ecosystem for streamlined efficiency. They also offer Central Logic Insight™, a centralized scheduling and management software platform for the better understanding of provider resources and availability. Learn more at www.centrallogic.com.


Biostratigraphic data are highly complex! Microfossils are commonly mixed in deep-water depostional settings. Tramontane has developed TACSWorks to provide biostratigraphers with the tools necessary to get the most from their data. TACSWorks consists of three interactive windows that can simultaneously display analytical results, a distribution chart, and multiple wells in cross section. Learn more at http://tramontaneinc.com.


iBiologics provides high-quality research- grade products for the biotechnology, pharmacology and academic communities. Learn more at http://ibiologics.com.

NPS Pharma

NPS Pharma was founded in 1986 by former U professor Dr. Hunter Jackson and Thomas Parks, current U VP for Research, who at the time were both research scientists in the U's School of Medicine studying the medicinal effects of spider venom. Today, NPS Pharma focuses on therapeutics for rare diseases such as Short Bowel Syndrome (SBS), Hypoparathyroidism, and Autosomal Dominant Hypocalcemia (ADH). In January, 2015 Irish drug maker Shire purchased NPS Pharma for $5.2 billion. Learn more at www.npsp.com.


MedAnalytics is a Big Data play in the healthcare space. MedAnalytics is providing free online content capabilities for Medical Professional Continuing Education events in return for the ability to own the data flow of the content and interactions between student physicians, medical professionals, teachers, and key opinion leaders. Monetization of the data flow is accomplished by selling the resulting analytics as business intelligence to the medical industry. Access to the content is assured by the front end CME-specific Costumer Relationship Management (CRM) and Learning Management System (LMS) created by MedAnalytics. Learn more at http://sites.google.com/a/medanalytics.com/public/.


RayScale was purchased by nVidia in 2008. RayScale provided interactive ray tracing and photo-realistic rendering solutions developed by former U Computer Science Professor Steven Parker, now with nVidia. Ray tracing is a technique for rendering three-dimensional graphics with complex light interactions. Learn more at www.nvidia.com.

Evans & Sutherland

Evans & Sutherland was founded in 1968 by Drs. David Evans and Ivan Sutherland, former U computer science professors. Evans & Sutherland developed industry-leading flight simulators based off of their research at the U. Today the company focuses primarily on providing digital planetariums and digital cinemas worldwide. In 2006 Evans & Sutherland sold its simulation business to Rockwell Collins. Learn more at www.es.com.

Larada Sciences (AirAllé™)

Larada Sciences is a Salt Lake City, Utah-based company dedicated to the eradication of head lice. It has built the world's largest network of lice-removal professionals. Its flagship product, the FDA-cleared AirAllé™ device, kills head lice and 99.2 percent of their eggs in a single, 30-minute treatment. Learn more at www.airalle.com.

AvanSci Bio

Avansci Bio is a U startup that has developed the MESO-1 Dissection Workstation, a novel technology that automates dissection from slide mounted tissue, improving accuracy, consistency, efficiency and provides a significant technical advancement for both clinical/research pathology and histology laboratories. Their products are derived from the research of Drs. Katherine Geiersbach, assistant professor of pathology at the U and Nils Adey, formerly of BioMicro Systems. The MESO-1 consists of three basic parts: an instrument that resembles a small milling machine equipped with a joy stick and digital microscope for controlling the milling process, a specialized consumable mill bit called the xScisor, and computer software for annotating images and pinpointing a tissue section to be collected. The MilliSect system enables a greater than 90 percent tumor enriched sample for molecular analysis. In December, 2014 Roche Diagnostics signed a definitive Asset Purchase Agreement with AvanSci Bio for all products associated with their dissection technologies. Learn more at www.avanscibio.com.

Vutara (AirAllé™)

Vutara's SR-350 microscope defines the cutting edge in super-resolution technology. Utilizing advanced 3D imaging techniques and Vutara's ResEnhanced technology, the SR-350 enables you to acquire super-resolved images in seconds. Vutara's paradigm shifting technology redefines super-resolution microscopy broadening sample configuration options. Vutara was purchased by Bruker in 2014. Learn more at http://vutara.com.

Q Therapeutics

Q Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company that utilizes cell-based technologies to develop new treatments for debilitating diseases of the central nervous system (CNS). The company's first product, called Q-Cells®, is designed to address a wide range of diseases, including multiple sclero- sis (MS), transverse myelitis, ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease), cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, stroke, Parkinson's Disease and Alzheimer's Disease. The company's patented cellular technologies and manufacturing processes, combined with an experienced management team and a focused strategy, will enable it to develop a comprehensive product pipeline to treat CNS diseases in ways no existing drug can. Learn more at www.qthera.com.


As a pioneer in natural language processing and sentiment analysis, Attensity’s solutions identify relevant and accurate information from multi-channel data sources using highly sophisticated and patented semantic technologies, analytics and context based discovery. Using Attensity’s integrated solutions, enterprise companies can interpret and “understand” massive amounts of structured and unstructured data from many different sources, thereby helping to improve the customer experience, manage brand equity, enhance revenue, mitigate business risk, discover trends, detect challenges and help inform business strategies. Attensity began in 2001 from technology developed by Dr. David Bean, assistant professor of Linguistics at the U (now adjunct). Learn more at www.attensity.com

Process Instruments

Process Instruments was founded in 1994 to develop Raman spectroscopy instrumentation specifically for industrial process monitoring. We brought together a development team focused on the design of state-of-the-art, affordable, frequency-stabilized, narrow-linewidth diode lasers and efficient, optically fast (f/2.0) spectrographs for use in industrial process control applications. Learn more at www.process-instruments-inc.com

Wastewater Compliance Systems (WCS)

Wastewater Compliance Systems (WCS) manufactures and sells patented, submerged, aerated bio-reactors (Bio-Domes) for wastewater lagoons that enable communities to economically stay in compliance. The Bio-Domes are energy efficient and use naturally occurring bacteria to remediate wastewater. Additional units can be installed on an incremental basis as a community grows to exactly match supply with regulatory demands. Learn more at www.wcs-utah.com/


BioEnergenix is developing therapeutics for diabetes, obesity and related metabolic diseases. The company's aim is to discover treatments for the cause of the "metabolic syndrome" underlying these conditions, rather than simply treat the resulting effects. Their strategy is based on targeting a specific pathway, identified by University of Utah scientists that regulates cellular metabolism and homeostasis. BioEnergenix has undertaken screening efforts to identify novel compounds which specifically modulate this pathway and is currently conducting preclinical studies of potential therapeutics. Learn more at www.bioenergenix.com


VisualShare provides software solutions for image exchange, management and collaboration. VisualShare applications are for organizations that need to share images, conduct reviews and document results. The company products establish a framework to support image-centric collaboration and sharing. The technology platform and framework stores all collected information in a single record that can be re-used for many stakeholder requirements, such as internal or external reviews, quality assurance/quality control, audit, and evidentiary logging purposes. Learn more at www.visualshare.com


Lineagen offers FirstStepDx, the highest resolution genetic test clinically available for the evaluation of children with autism and other forms of developmental delay. It is now available in cheek swab format. The product is derived from the research of Drs. John Hoidal, professor of internal medicine; Mark Leppert, emeritus professor of human genetics; and John rose, professor of neurology at the U. Learn more at www.lineagen.com.


TransViragen is a premier provider of services for the generation and analysis of genetically modified rodents and cell lines. We offer the most comprehensive selection of services for transgenic and knockout mice and rats in the industry. Our distinct portfolio of services combined with our expertise, commitment to excellence and affordable pricing make TransViragen a valued resource for our clients' research model needs. Learn more at www.transviragen.com.

Telomere Diagnostics

Telomere Diagnostics is a biotechnology company committed to a deeper understanding of telomere science and how it might promote human health, assess disease risk and predict drug response.Learn more at www.telomehealth.com.

Blackrock Microsystems

Blackrock Microsystems is a U startup founded in 2008 that provides enabling tools for the neuroscience, neural engineering and neuroprosthetics research and clinical community worldwide. The company draws on a legacy of high tech innovation that began with Bionic Technologies, a spin-out from the U in 1997. The company was started by Brian Hatt and Bioengineering Professor Emeritus Richard A. Normann (also the inventor of the Utah Electrode Array) and was later taken over by Cyberkinetics Neurotechnology Systems, Inc. (CKI). Having taken major strides in applying the technology to the human body, the research business of CKI was then acquired by Blackrock Microsystems, LLC. Electrical & Computer Engineering Professor Florian Solzbacher is Blackrock's current president and executive chairman. He has created a commercial vision for the company to lead the market in implantable microsystems. Learn more at www.blackrockmicro.com.

Ore To Metal Technologies

Ore to Metal Technologies provides technology-based services to the mineral processing industry. They offer an array of software and consulting services to optimize AG/SAG mill operations and are proud to distribute MillSoft, a mill-modeling tool developed by U professor Raj Rajamani. Learn more at www.o2mtech.com.

Wasatch Microfluidics

Wasatch Microfluidics, LLC (Wasatch) develops pharmaceutical research devices that enable significant advances in the rapidly growing microarray markets. Wasatch's Continuous Flow Microspotter (CFM) technology uses flow to print microarray spots. The CFM uses microchannels the size of a human hair to flow protein solutions over a surface. This allows more proteins to attach to the surface, thereby leveraging precious samples and allowing researchers to achieve dramatically enhanced sensitivity. Currently, researchers must purify their samples using a process that can take up to weeks of technician time and hundreds of dollars in consumables. The CFM allows researchers to flow a non-purified sample over the surface and "fish" the molecule of interest out of the mixture. For companies with large development libraries, the cost savings will be highly significant. Learn more at www.microfl.com/.


Ceramatec, with three decades of experience, is internationally recognized with an extensive patent portfolio covering its achievements in the fields of ionic solid-state ceramic and aqueous ionic electrochemical technologies. Their core competencies are in: Ionic conducting ceramics, Electrochemistry, Fuel reformation & syntheses, Ceramic coatings and Multi-functional ceramic structures. Learn more at www.ceramatec.com.

SentrX Animal Care

Sentrx Animal Care, Inc. licensed the portfolio of HA-based products for all veterinary applications world-wide. Started by CEO Dr. Richard Koehn with Dr. Brenda Mann, and Dr. Glenn Prestwich, Sentrx now has world-wide distribution of products for wound healing, corneal injury repair, dry eye treatment, and post-surgical adhesion prevention in dogs, cats, large animals such as horses, as well as uses in minor pet or zoological species including birds, ferrets, and camelids. Bayer Animal Health is currently a major distributor of Sentrx products under the tradename Remend®. Learn more at www.sentrxanimalcare.com.

F2 Solutions

F2 Solutions is providing a guidelines- based approach to the management of patients who have unexplained episodes of fainting or falling. Novel algorithms developed at the University of Utah use the most current U.S. and European guidelines to direct clinicians in the treatment of faint and fall patients. Specifically, software developed at the university based on these algorithms instructs physicians and other health-care professionals what diagnostic and testing procedures to use and provides decision support for hospital admission. Learn more at www.faintandfall.com.

Allvivo Vascular

Allvivo Vascular develops biomimetic and antimicrobial coatings for medical devices and combination products. We collaborate with licensees and marketing partners to deliver blood compatible devices and devices that enable responsible infection control. The Gatekeeper™ antimicrobial technology kills bacteria and fungi through a fundamentally different mechanism than antibiotics and will not contribute to the escalating problem of multi-drug resistance. Our mission is to improve medical devices, facilitate cost control, and improve patient outcomes using biocompatible and sustainable antimicrobial technologies. Learn more at www.allvivo.com.

Creative Medical Health (CMH)

Creative Medical Health (CMH) is a U spin-out that began with Cardio Life, a technology developed by Dr. Amit Patel, associate professor of cardiothoracic surgery at the U. CMH claims that the natural ingredients in this supplement have beneficial properties for preventing cardiovascular disease and for controlling cardiovascular risk factors such as high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol. Learn more at http://creativemedicalhealth.com/.

JSK Therapeutics

JSK Therapeutics, JSKT, is an early stage pharmaceutical company created to develop a new class of cancer treatment drugs which exploit nitric oxide release to selectively kill cancer cells. The company has exclusive licenses for the proprietary agents, their use in cancer treatment and formulation technology. The company has been granted Orphan Drug Designations for use in Acute Myeloid Leukemia and Multiple Myeloma. The class of compounds constitute a pipeline with the lead compound, designated JS-K, in the pre-IND stage of development.

Fallgatter Technologies

Fallgatter Technologies designs, builds and sells the first instruments that measure snowflakes using high speed digital photography. These capabilities have been developed to improve scientific understanding of weather forecasting and weather radar, and to provide better diagnoses of precipitation conditions for improved transportation safety. Learn more at http://fall-tech.com/.


CIRJ, Inc. is developing novel approaches to targeting solid tumors, using novel nanotherapeutic particles for direct and specific delivery of anti-cancer drugs to the tumor microenvironment.


Epitel is committed to providing quality wireless solutions for long-term EEG monitoring in pre-clinical rodent models of seizures and epilepsy. The Epitel EpochTM wireless EEG recording system is used in laboratories world-wide to track EEG. Epitel is developing the EEG PatchTM, a miniature, discrete, long-term monitoring solution for tracking seizures in persons suffering from seizure disorders. The disposable EEG PatchTM may track seizures better than seizure diaries alone, giving epileptologists a more-complete report of a patient's number and duration of seizures. Learn more at www.epitelinc.com.


Visus technologies enable scalable storage, processing and delivery of high-resolution images. These technologies have the ability to be scalable across a wide range of computing resources, and performance degrades very gracefully on low- power/low-performance devices. Application areas include digital photography, interactive entertainment, intelligence and remote medicine. Learn more at www.visustech.com.


Converus ("with truth") is committed to providing trustworthy, technological solutions for deception detection. EyeDetect™ is an alternative technology for deception detection that is accurate, cost-effective, efficient, secure and noninvasive. It allows businesses to manage risk and ensure workplace integrity, and assists law enforcement agencies and governments to detect deception. Learn more at http://converus.com/.

Catheter Connections

Catheter Connections develops and commercializes innovative vascular access products designed to help protect patients from acquiring infections during intravenous infusion therapy. Its DualCap System is a family of user-friendly products that provides healthcare facilities with a cost-effective, integrated solution for IV disinfection and protection, helping in the fight against IV catheter-related blood stream infections. Designed by infusion nurses, the flagship product DualCap safely disinfects both IV tubing end connectors and IV catheter access valves — a major breakthrough for infection control. Learn more at www.catheterconnections.com.


Merisight was created to meet the large and growing demand for technologies to guide and optimize the treatment of an abnormal heart rhythm known as atrial fibrillation. The company's mission is to be the leader in personalizing and improving the management of cardiac arrhythmia disease throughout the world. They are achieving their objective by developing techniques utilizing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) that characterize and quantify the stage of disease (fibrosis) in patients with atrial fibrillation. Their service assists the physician in personalizing and selecting treatments for their patients while improving quality outcomes and decreasing health care costs. More than 14 million Americans experience abnormal heart rhythms, and in 4-5 million of these people this arrhythmia is atrial fibrillation, which is characterized by an irregular and usually very rapid heartbeat. The foundational technology was developed by an interdisciplinary team of physicians and medical imaging experts led by Dr. Nassir Marrouche, U professor of cardiovascular medicine. In 2014 Xerox purchased Merisight. Learn more at http://merisight.com.