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Part-Time Analyst Positions at TVC

Analyst description

Technology & Venture Commercialization (TVC) at the University of Utah is charged with bringing novel inventions into the hands of customers. We have launched over 140 companies in the last 10 years to accomplish this. Business/Technical Analysts play a valuable role in TVC's Commercialization Engine process by assisting in the analysis and commercialization of university technologies. To accomplish this task, the analyst will assist an economic development manager to:

  • Prepare market analysis for selected technology
    • Define and vet value propositions
    • Determine market potential/opportunity
    • Compare existing and pipeline products to proposed technology
  • Utilize patents to determine key players and trends in the industry
  • Prepare non-confidential summaries of technologies for marketing purposes
  • Conduct surveys with industry experts to vet technologies and business models
    • Identify and validate end-user pain points
    • Test value propositions of new technologies
    • Discover and understand potential partners or customers
    • Identify unmet needs in industry

Job qualifications

An ideal analyst should have experience communicating orally and in writing in a professional environment. A background in business and/or science and engineering is preferred as it allows analysts to better understand, evaluate, and discuss candidate technologies. Additionally, strong research and critical thinking skills as well as the ability to process and disseminate information effectively would be a benefit. Ability to commit 15-19 hours per week. This position is paid and the hours are flexible around school schedules.

Mini-Internship Opportunities

TVC also has internship opportunities that require a smaller time commitment of 4-6 hours per week. These “mini-internships” are not paid but provide experiential opportunities for interested individuals whose schedules do not allow them to participate in other TVC programs. Mini-Internships are offered in either 5 or 10 week blocks and cover a variety of processes. Hours are flexible around school schedules. The available opportunities are outlined below.

Tech Marketing

TVC has hundreds of new technologies in our portfolio that we are marketing to established companies in various markets. Technology marketing interns will identify companies in specific markets that would be interested in a technology and then create a marketing strategy to get the right people at those companies engaged with our portfolio managers.

Market Analysis

TVC needs individuals to help summarize technologies and their market potential in a way the piques interest without disclosing confidential information. Market Analysis interns will review selected technologies and prepare one page summaries for this purpose.

Problem Solution Fit

TVC needs individuals to help determine if the end-user within a specific market segment experiences a significant pain and to identify compelling value propositions for certain technologies. This information is used to vet and validate University inventions by determining whether there is a fit between the problems the market faces and the solution our technology offers.

Competitive Analysis

TVC's Commercialization Engine process is a stage-gated, milestone-driven process focused on vetting and de-risking University inventions. This process is accomplished by thoroughly understanding inventions, finding their value, determining their market fit, acting on feedback from potential customers, protecting IP, creating a strong business model, identifying milestones, and executing an acceleration plan. Competitive Analysis projects assist with this process and take various forms depending on the needs for each technology.