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FAQ for industry & Investors

What are the advantages of licensing a technology?

Licensing university intellectual property provides many benefits, including:

  • Improved time to market, creating increased profit opportunities
  • Greatly reduced R&D costs
  • Opportunity to enter new markets and expand your company quickly.
  • How do I know if a technology is still available for licensing?

    To find out whether a technology you are interested in is still available, contact TVC.

    My company would like to sponsor research on campus. How do we make this arrangement?

    Industry-sponsored research at the University of Utah typically involves a research agreement between the university and the sponsoring company, which defines the scope of the project. Often, a second agreement, called a option agreement, is negotiated between the university and the company at the same time. The option agreement defines the licensing rights of the company to any intellectual property that may emerge from the sponsored research.

    Who arranges consulting agreements between companies and faculty and staff on campus?

    University of Utah scientists represent themselves in any consulting agreements with private companies.

    How do I stay informed about new technologies developed at the University?

    TVC lists currently available technology on the web site which is browsable by category or searchable by key word. There is also an RSS feed that is updated at the same time as the web site.