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StaC Services

Seed funding

StaC has several ways to help you find funding for your new venture. We have a seed funding program that allows the best student businesses rise to the top. We have our partners and trusted network vet and select student businesses to fund through the Seed StaC. Seed StaC is a program that puts up to $10,000 into a student business for initial startup costs and to help students get to their first revenue. These funds are directed to companies that can show a believable path to initial revenue with only this small amount of seed capital.

Mentor program

StaC will hook you up with the right people at the right time. We want to be able to get you the expertise you need to fill the gaps of your knowledge base. By having more than 100 industry professionals that are interested in helping student startup companies we should be able to introduce you to someone who has some good ideas about the problems you are facing.

Business services

Accounting, PR, payroll, HR — all stuff that may not be your forte but something we can help you with. We have worked with a lot of these types of service providers and we can get you connected with the ones that we have found to be good.

Legal services

If your idea needs to be protected by a patent, copyright or trademark we can help you do that. If you don't know if you need to protect your idea or even if you can ... we can help you with that too.


A business is no good unless people know about it and they will pay for what you have. Getting the word out about your company is important and closing your first customer may even be more important. Knowing the best and least expensive way to get new customers paying you will help put money in your pocket. StaC and our partners can help. If we can't help, there is a good chance we know someone who can.