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USTAR Announces University Technology Acceleration Grant

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USTAR has a new grant mechanism available to University employees wanting to commercialize technonology: University Technology Acceleration Grant (UTAG).

The purpose of USTAR’s University Technology Acceleration Grant (UTAG) program is to support research and development of specific technologies that have significant commercial potential but need additional development before they can be spun out from the university setting. This funding addresses an innovation ecosystem gap between federal research dollars and angel investment, the “valley of death.”

UTAG is a competitive research grant, available to individual researchers or ad-hoc teams employed by Utah colleges or universities, to advance the maturity of or derisk technology that has been developed in university labs. All projects funded through UTAG must have an identified market and/or commercialization path.

Anticipated duration of projects will be no more than 18 months.

Applications are due October 4, 2016 at 8 AM.

It is important to note these grants are subject to the following condition: “Awardees will be contractually obligated to report to USTAR or affiliated auditors/contractors regarding jobs created and salary ranges, follow on investment, revenue, sales and other information as outlined in the UTAG rules for a minimum of five years following completion of award.”

The full announcement and application instructions are found here.