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Investors are Making Money from University of Utah Startups

entrepreneursSince 1970, the University of Utah has created over 230 spin-out companies from technologies developed at the University, most of which were launched over the past ten years. Over 130 of these are still operating as either a business or as part of another company. Furthermore, since 2011, the university’s spin-outs have been involved in acquisitions totaling more than $5.7 billion, have collectively raised over $300 million in investment funding, and have secured over $70 million in grants.

The U Advantage: Derisked, Market-Validated, & Talented Startups

entrepreneursRather than immediately seek licensees for the early-stage technologies that are disclosed to the university, TVC works with them longer and derisks them through a value-adding process called the Commercialization Engine. By the time our technologies are ready for license, a considerable amount of commercial value has been added to them. This is accomplished by:

  • Thoroughly understanding inventions
  • Finding their market value
  • Determining their market fit
  • Acting on feedback from potential customers
  • Protecting IP
  • Creating a strong business model
  • Identifying & acting on milestones
  • Providing milestone-based funding
  • Executing an acceleration plan
  • Identifying and engaging the right entrepreneur
  • The technologies that exit the Commercialization Engine are significantly derisked and have a clear market need established. This, in turn, attracts experienced entrepreneurs as it makes it easier and less risky for them to take licenses to U technologies to launch a startup with. TVC also actively pursues seasoned, serial entrepreneurs and their teams for each startup it launches. With the right management in place, funding is considerably easier to obtain.

    To learn more about the Commercialization Engine, click here.

    How to Invest in Spin-Outs from the University of Utah

    If you are interested in investing in a University of Utah spin-out currently seeking investment funding, please visit our startups page to view a listing of all U startups. From this list, click on the name of each startup to view more information about that company. Contact the name listed under the startup for more information about how to invest in them. Opportunities for investment may also be available directly with TVC through the Engine process. Contact Taylor Bench (801-213-3568), taylor.bench@tvc.utah.edu, for more information.

    How to Get More Information About a Spin-Out

    If you would like to get more information about a startup than what is listed in its abstract on the startups page, we invite you to either visit the company's webpage or connect with the TVC contact listed under that startup's profile.