TVC Star Award

Stacy Bamberg, Ph.D.

2015 Recipient: Stacy Bamberg

The TVC Star Award was established in 2011 to recognize and honor individuals who have made a significant contribution in the promotion and enhancement of technology commercialization at the U. The impetus behind its creation was to acknowledge the fact that the U’s faculty and researchers are the key ingredient for success at TVC.

“Since our initial engagement with Stacy Bamberg, Ph.D., professor of mechanical engineering, it has been apparent that the U has been gifted with a highly skilled researcher. Her academic accolades and growing list of honors and awards, coupled with the fact that she’s a graduate of both MIT and Harvard, showcase her talents. TVC has been nothing but impressed and privileged to work alongside Bamberg and the company she founded, U-spinout Veristride.

It is rare to have an individual who can bridge the gap between academia and commercialization so well, but Bamberg has done so in stride. From being awarded an SBIR Phase 1 and 2 for her research and development efforts, to her recent successful fundraising pursuits, Bamberg continuously impresses those she engages with. As a brilliant and dedicated engineer, she has taken on extensive risk to pursue her passions and guide her research to market in order to impact individuals’ lives.”

-Natan Chetrit, TVC Business and Technology Development Associate

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