Be a Part of Building Companies at The U


Be a Part of Building companies at the U

  • Lead Company Strategy
  • Explore Investment Opportunities
  • Provide Technical Product Guidance and Assistance
  • Amazing innovations and technologies are being created at the U. A potential cure for type 1 diabetes is being developed; a new, radical method for heating homes will soon be available; antibiotics that kill superbugs like MRSA are being fast-tracked by the FDA; and engine exhaust is being turned into reusable power, to name just a few.

    Technology and Venture Commercialization (TVC) is charged with bringing these and other novel inventions to market and into the hands of customers. We have launched over 190 companies in the last 10 years to accomplish this. However, this success depends on an active and engaged community of subject matter experts, investors, and executives like you. TVC has learned that success depends on receiving support from people who have experience in every field and discipline. This support means giving advice and guidance to the teams behind the U’s groundbreaking technologies. Even a short conversation about a topic you know well could help guide the development of an innovative technology down the correct path more quickly and into the lives of those who need it.

    We Know How to Start Them; Come Help Us Run Them!

    Simply fill out our Commercialization Engine profile form by clicking here. We will then contact you and employ your unique experience in helping to guide the development of U technologies.

    The Commercialization Engine

    The Commercialization Engine is a value-adding process through which all University inventions pass after disclosure to TVC. Its goal is to take early-stage technologies through a process of de-risking and transform them into life-changing and productive applications. This is accomplished by thoroughly understanding inventions, finding their value, determining their market fit, acting on feedback from potential customers, protecting IP, creating a strong business model, identifying milestones, and executing an acceleration plan.

    TVC has incorporated many of the latest entrepreneurial ideas and texts from thought leaders around the world into the Engine and molded them to work in a university setting.

    The goal of the Engine is to have a team and a plan in place ready to raise the first round of professional investment for a new spinout or for the technology to be licensed to an established company.

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